A moment on the sheer strangeness of the human mind:

Right after writing the below post, I received a message from Shane, my contact at ALWAYS! language academy in Jinan…I’d been fretting for days now because I’d sent off my paperwork via email on Tuesday and hadn’t heard jack. Was worried that perhaps they did not want me for some reason or another; I thought of a few that seemed most likely and began considering alternative paths if things didn’t work out.

JSo yea; just got a message. Shane says the paperwork looks all good and he will let me know when he’s sending the government invitation and working visa application supplements. And suddenly the dark cloud lifts and rays of sunshine warm my face for the first time in days. Just like that. Clearly end of work + uncertain future + minor awkward experiences = depression worthy of a LJ post. Yet, remove problem "B" for a bit, and suddenly the rest seems not so bad after all. All is impermanent; including mind states, hence they are not us. Thus, it seems "strange" to me, because really, nothing has changed all that much. There was no need for depression, and really, I was still awkward this morning, so why am I all happy now that this one thing has come up? Aim for the Middle Path, in every aspect Earl. I really, really go for Buddhist thought; of all religious systems that I’ve explored, I find value in it more than any because it’s wisdom that justifies itself in hindsight. I truly learn from it and see it in action; there’s nothing to take on faith because I can watch it play out in the arena of my own life.

That being said, I’m still buying beer before the party tonight. Which I’m leaving to do now.


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